Keep your brand’s promise.
Keep your business growing.

By measuring your solution’s ability to deliver the promised value,
Effectiveness Mapping™ helps your businesses capture and retain
more customers and enhance your brand’s performance.

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Do You Know If Your Product or Service Is Effective?

If you don’t know, you need to.  Knowing where your product or service is excelling or failing through the eyes of your customers is knowing how to improve, and how to grow your business thoughtfully. Efficiently. And economically.

Effectiveness Mapping

Hit the Mark

We provide you with actionable analytics. If you’re hitting the mark with what you promise, we make it easy for your customers to share it. If you’re missing the mark, you’ll know where. And know exactly how to fix it.

Evaluate Over Time

Effectiveness Mapping™ measures your customer’s experience with your product or service over time, thus validating the effectiveness of your offer and proving or disproving that you deliver on your promises. Resulting in fostering credibility, differentiating from competitors and forming stronger customer bonds.

Stellar Research provides an online measurement platform that lets conscious companies and their customers collaboratively measure product and service effectiveness. Unlike online survey and customer satisfaction tools, Effectiveness Mapping™ creates a transparent, beneficial conversation between you and your customers and measures the before-after changes each customer experiences.