Stellar Qurveys™ are fun, engaging online assessments that customers take before and after experiencing a business’ product or service. We do not measure customer satisfaction or customer loyalty. We measure the changes a customer experiences, the benefits they receive, when they use your solution.

Effectiveness Queries

Stellar’s questions are scientifically designed to measure the effectiveness of your product or service. Our questions objectively measure your customer’s subjective experiences.

It’s like Before-After Pictures for your product or service, but quantitative rather than qualitative.

Using a Likert scale method, each customer ranks their agreement or disagreement with well-crafted queries both before and after experiencing your product or service. The before-after changes indicate the effectiveness of your solution.

Stellar Query


Real-Time Individual Effectiveness Results for Customer and Business

Your customer sees their results compared to other customers, and can track their results over time when they take the assessment again.

Collective Effectiveness Results for Business Intelligence Analysis