Stellar Research is better than other consumer research in that it measures the BEFORE and AFTER changes your customers experience with your solution. It measures a customer‘s experience over time versus measuring it at a single point in time. This helps reveal how consistently a product or service is delivering on its value proposition and provides insights on how to correct or leverage that performance moving forward.

Value Mapping

Stellar Company Credibility

Get objective, 3rd-party evidence that you deliver your value proposition. Validate the effectiveness of your solution and use it to differentiate yourself from your competitors. The collective before and after results are certified by an objective third-party.

Actionable Customer Intelligence

Find out why people are happy with your solution, and what you can do to make it better. Prove that what you offer works.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Provide your customers an authentic, rewarding, interactive, experience. Let your customers express and learn something about themselves.

Passive Lead Generation

Convert website visitors into leads, and lead into customers. Simplify your buyers’ decision-making process by helping them understand if your solution is right for them. Save time and money by letting your prospects qualify and convert themselves.


Objectively Measure Subjective Experiences

Through a Stellar Qurvey™, you gain objective, actionable data on your customers’ subjective evaluation of your product or service. This allows your business to consistently improve relationships with each and every customer.

How Are We Different?

Better Method

Qurvey = Quiz + Survey